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We got new graphics in! Please upload the new graphics and replace them with your old ones. This ring is in no way associated with Ty.

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<!-- BEGIN BEANIE RING FRAGMENT --> <center> <table border=5 bordercolor="#ffffff" bgcolor=black color="#ffffff" cellspacing=3 text="000000"> <tr> <td align=middle> <a href=""><i><font color=white> <img src= border=0></a> </td> <td align=middle> <center><br><h5> <font color=white>This <a href="">Beanie Ring</a> site<br>is owned by <a href="">Your Name</a>. <br><br> [ <a href="">Prev</a> | <a href="">Skip It</a> | <a href="">Next 5</a> | <a href="">Random</a> | <a href="">Next</a> ] <br><br> Want to join the ring? Get the <a href="">info</a>. <br><br></center></h5> </font> </td> <td align=middle> <a href=""><img src="" align=left alt="Next page" border=0></a> </td> </tr> </table> </center> <!-- END BEANIE WEB RING FRAGMENT -->
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